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The city is located in central Iran and is its second largest city after Tehran. Isfahan is well known for its history and remarkable architecture. Persians also call it “One Half of the World”. It is thought to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it is thus an importance tourist attraction where nobody likes to miss. Here is some information about the most significant attractions of Isfahan.

  • Naqshe Jahan Square (Shah Square): Also known as Isfahan Royal Square. It is the second largest square in the world built in the 17th century. It is historical important and one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. The square surrounded by a historical mosque, palaces and the Grand Bazaar. Besides the beautiful and unique Iranian architecture, visitors enjoy shopping Iranian handicraft and experiencing pleasant and tasty local (traditional and modern) foods and drinks.
  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque: It used to function as a royal mosque. So the mosaic art of this mosque is different from the other mosques, the artists cut out the different shape of tiles piece by piece and made the altar's mosaic much more delicate. The ceiling is the most special part because of its harmonious understatement art. It is a great experience to lay down on the floor and look at the stunning ceiling.
  • Chehel Sotoun (Forty Columns): There is a beautiful old monument in the middle of a big garden, which has twenty wooden columns doubled by their reflection in the water fountain in front of them. This is where the name “Chehel Sotoun” has come from (Forty Columns). The walls are decorated with historical frescoes depicting kings’ battles. This place is a dream for photographers.
  • Siosepol (Thirty-Three-Span Bridge): This Bridge is built on the “Zayande Rud” around 400 years ago. The Persian art and skills of bridge building can be seen there. We recommended visiting the river at night since it would be more majestic. It would be a nice experience if you walk over the bridge and enjoy the view of the river.
  • Atashgah - Zoroastrian Fire Temple:. This place is a holy place on the edge of the desert where you can learn about Zoroastrianism and its history. A bit of climbing is needed to visit the temple.
  • Isfahan Music Museum: Want to know about Iranian classical music and its original instruments? Then, this is a must-seen for you. A guide there will explain all instruments individually, their origin, history, and so on. And the enchanting live performances will follow.
  • Hamam-e Ali Gholi Agha: This Hamam, or public bath, shines a light on the life in the past centuries. It belongs to the Safavid era. It features a unique architecture style and wall painting. The walls are covered with impressive paintings from different centuries. There are helpful guides inside the rooms that tell you the story behind each painting.
  • Flower Garden: Definitely, you will have a great experience in this beautiful garden. There are different parts such as a waterfall, a rose garden, a cactus garden and an amazing lake with lovely creatures. The best time to visit the garden is of course spring.
  • Fotowat Miniaturist: There is a small beautiful artwork and miniaturist shop in Isfahan where you can probably visit the artist at work making amazing miniatures. It is absolutely worth a visit since this art is unique to Isfahan. Also it is possible to buy a nice souvenir.
  • Isfahan City Center: It is a modern huge mall. If you want to see the daily lifestyle of Iranians, this is a good place to go. Besides, a lot of international brands are there. It has also a food court with a variety of foods and drinks.

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