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Transnet provides legal advisory services in collaboration with Shafee & Associates Law Firm, a highly prestigious law firm active in Iran in different areas including foreign investment and international trade. Founded in 2003, Shafee & Associates is one of the first Iranian international full-service law firms based in Tehran. They have a good command of all aspects of the Iranian legal and regulatory systems to ensure their clients will reach their desired results. For further information on Shafee & Associates, please visit their website at:

Shafee and Associates Law Firm provides legal advice in all areas of the commercial law. Backed by their multidisciplinary capabilities and resources coupled with their good knowledge of the local market, this law firm has assisted both foreign and domestic companies in establishing and developing their businesses in an ever-changing environment. They provide assistance to both individual and corporate clients, Iranian and international.

For more information on their services, please send a message to the following email address:

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